Home Depot

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Home Depot is a different kind of company that is Socially Responsible away from the food/clothing area. Their main goal is to help the environment.


Home Depot a does a great deal of recycling. They are committed to recycling as much product as possible, whenever possible in all operations. They source recycled content for our shopping bags, signage, and office supplies. They recycle all of our corrugated cardboard and wood pallets, and have programs to keep drywall separators out of landfills by recycling them into usable product.

The Home Depot is also committed to providing greenhouse gas reduction efforts. In March 2010, the Company set energy use and
greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for 2015, and began the process of calculating its comprehensive carbon footprint to establish a baseline for
future greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Home Deport also created a Wood Purchasing Policy, which pledged to give preference to wood that has come from forests managed in a responsible way and to eliminate wood purchases from endangered regions of the world.

Home Depot follows a list of principles and guidelines to help them to most effectively conserve the environment, and please their customers

The 8 Principles Home Depot Follows
Home Depot has done a number of other things for the environment and the community to learn more visit the below links.

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